About The Owner

 Thanks for checking out my site! I think it is always fun to know the person behind a small business so here is a little bit about me and Jennie's Homeshed.  Jennie's Homeshed started as Jennie's Creations in 2013 when I started playing around with making things with old windows and pallets in my garage.  It soon became something a bit bigger and we made a small area inside our machine shed for me to host open houses instead of traveling to craft shows with 2 small children.  I started teaching craft classes at a couple locations a month and really enjoyed doing it; so I had an idea of making my own space for this.  The next expansion of my shed was completed in 2016 and I was so excited to have a much bigger space for shopping and paint classes. We completed renovation #3 in the summer of 2020, we updated the whole look of the outside of the shed and added some more storage as our shop continues to grow. In 2022 we doubled the size of our floor space at the shed and opened a second location in Cherokee. Uptown by Jennie's Homeshed was opened in June of that year. We continue to be open out in the country limited hours and are open 6 days a week in town.

  I married my middle school sweetheart 15 years ago and he is my main wood worker, and biggest supporter. This is just his side gig; he farms with my dad so he gets super busy about all the same times I do.  We are lucky enough to live right across the section from my parents and so close to where we both grew up, we love the country life, and our little piece of heaven. We have two girls who are 13 and 10. You may see them in the shop when you come; this is truly a family business and we all have our role.

  If you have any questions about where we are located, our second store, bridal registry, or anything else be sure to send me a message I would love to help with anything you need!