Fall bundle - to go kit

Fall bundle - to go kit

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Can't make it to class? Want to paint with your friends at home? Live to far away? Order a kit today! All supplies are provided to complete one of the 5 groupings. A minimum of 5 crafts is required to order a kit but you can order as many after 5 as you would like. Each person can choose which grouping they would like and they can pick which wording for the big sign. Be sure to write in the notes at check out your choices! (Floral not included in prices) prices of kits is based on the $40 grouping if some pick the $45 grouping I'll send an additional invoice to cover the difference.  Feel free to contact me with questions! 

A-$45 (sign, candy corns,small pumpkin,large vase)

B-$40 (sign, small pumpkin, large pumpkin, large vase) 

C-$40 (sign, candy corns, large pumpkin)

D-$40 (sign, candy corns, small vase)

E-$45 (sign, large pumpkin, small pumpkin, medium vase, small vase)